Saturday, December 3, 2011

Speakers on your rowboat

My Boat is a 21 ft, 2 man homemade river boat. Wood outriggers, sliding seats. Flat bottom, so I can stand up in it.  It is stable as hell.  I don't think that , with the oars out, and you pulling , you can turn this boat over.  Regular plywood, and 2x4's cut down for the oars.  and a set of computer speakers.  Indoor kind, you know, the ones with the nice subwoofer, left, right, center and 2 rears.  Spread around the boat. Rowing to music, where both rowers are listening to the same thing, at the same time, pulling at the same time to the same beat.  Sounds alot like the proverbial roman slave ship, with a pounding drum, instead of your favorite song .  I recommend putting a harbor Freight 12 volt inverter,and a set of computer speakers on your boat, for your next best row.

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